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Henry Hintermeister,
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Nearly 70 percent of surveyed retailers showed improvement in their chemical safety programs over the last five years.

It's illegal to void a product's warranty simply because it receives an "unauthorized" repair.

The United States is in need of an infrastructure overhaul.

In response to the worsening plastic waste crisis, federal lawmakers and advocates are championing legislation to cut our nation's plastic footprint down a size. 

A congressional report revealed high levels of arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury in baby food sold by leading brands. What may be even more shocking is that there are virtually no federal standards for toxic heavy metals in baby food.

"We are misrepresenting and inflating the amount of material recycled."

"The surge in complaints is a signal of the strain the pandemic put on consumers, and of the minefield of tricks and traps they face in the financial marketplace."

“We don’t attack those negative messages. We just have to profoundly overwhelm the senses with the positive messages — in addition to showing them the spot on your arm where you got the shot.”