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Rebooking airline tickets: How to sort out various vouchers and credits for future flights

 | by Jacob van Cleef
Consumer Watchdog, Associate

With vaccines here, it may soon be time to reschedule vacations and other trips for later this year


 | by
Gideon Weissman
Policy Analyst, Frontier Group

The right infrastructure plan can help the U.S take on some of our biggest challenges -- like inadequate public transit, overflowing landfills, and dirty energy. But the wrong plan can send us backwards.

McDonald's restaurant exterior
 | by
Danielle Melgar
Make It Toxic Free Campaign, Advocate

McDonald’s just committed to phasing out PFAS-treated food packaging from its restaurants globally by 2025. Other restaurants, like Burger King and Wendy’s, should follow its lead.

 | by
John Stout
Transform Transportation, Advocate

How the pandemic has offered a glimpse of how life could be if we hit the reset button on our transportation habits.

 | by
Grace Brombach
Consumer Watchdog Associate

The winter months can feel like they last forever - especially during a pandemic. Here are some ways to keep yourself healthy and to shake off that restless, post-December feeling.